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A Trend or A Fad?

when we talk about malaysian youth's culturism, most likely we think about trends. a trend of SLR camera, a trend of shuffling,a trend of hip hoping, a trend of "indie"pendent, a trend of gothic and so on. does we ever think that the trends were just a fad?

basically, a trend is an interest to change. when we talk about change, it is a long term change. a trend can be good and can be the other way.

for example, a trend can be in term of revolutionism. one spark of revolution create a major revolution throughout the world.from the french and europe to the american. their fighting for their life for a change. it goes on for hundreds of years.

people fighting to be given a freedom of speech and a freedom to live. like african-american fight to have a right to vote with Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X are their greatest pioneers. this is a real trend.

but, can a trend be included in a fashion and entertainment? or is it just a fad? what is a fad?

a fad is a craze or a phenomenon for a very short time. a fad usually used in the fashion industry where fashion change every seasons. so, it is not a long term change. therefore, an interest which is not long term is just a fad.

the question now, do the youths know that they follow a trend or a fad?

people usually thinks that Malaysian's youth will never have a true or a permanent interest or trend. but do they know the difference between trend and fad?

do the youth also know that?

do ever Malaysian youth will ever have a trend?

maybe they are still young to understand, only know just to have fun.

are we following a trend or a fad to live?

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Komen sebab tak ada komen.

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aku juga komen sbb takde komen.